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George Newbern as Robert Roberts IIIRobert "Ditto" Roberts, III (George Newbern)

The leader of HSD-capital is Ditto- get it, Robert Roberts...! Ditto is the brilliant but eccentric grandson of the founder of the group's former company, who must betray his family heritage in order to stake a claim to his own life. His partners, each with a separate agenda, risk losing everything to join him in this new venture. George Newbern (Father Of The Bride I and II, The Evening Star) plays Robert "Ditto" Roberts, III, a chip off the old block of his pioneering grandfather, who bears the less than pleasant nickname "The Kaiser." Newbern's soft blue eyes and boyish features hid an aggressive, killer instinct which he plays to the hilt as heir to avarice and greed. It is this particular family trait that appeals most to his partners, since they see his abilities as their maverick start-up company's biggest asset.

Elisabeth Rohm as Alison JeffersAlison Jeffers (Elisabeth Rohm)

Liz give's us a little insight in Alison's character. "Basically I have a father that refused to acknowledge my existence. My mother was a secretary and had gotten pregnant to this very, very big person and she said 'I'm pregnant' and he said, 'Go fuck yourself.' So growing up with a very famous father that wouldn't even acknowledge my presence kind of begins to come out about my story line. I think basically, that's a big part of Alison. I mean, this girl has been so betrayed and has been so abandoned. She doesn't trust anyone. It's exactly why she ends up falling in love with Hunter Lasky (Stanley Tucci) because she gets into a situation where it's not about love and vulnerability. It's about messing with each other, manipulating each other. I mean, in a real loving relationship, which I hope to have one day, I believe that love is about safety and trust and you've got to be vulnerable for that and she's not vulnerable. She's completely controlling the entire situation with him and everybody else. She doesn't let anybody in, she's very protected. But the thing is at the bottom of that type of personality is somebody who's very much broken. But she's very strong too, she's a survivor. I mean, she is what she is. She's very protected and cautious but she's one heck of a strong woman."

Marissa Rufo (Alicia Coppola)

Alicia Coppola is Marissa Rufo, another trader in the firm, who refuses to give up her perceived security with a major firm for Ditto's rebel venture. She has worked hard to get where she is at Merriweather Marx as a commodities broker. The Kaiser arranges an insider trade, organizing the transaction in such a way that, if it is discovered, Marissa Rufo, an innocent associate, will take the blame. The innocent associate is, naturally, ethnic (Italian-American), female and from a working class family. Then and only then, does Marissa decide that she will join Ditto's "Young Turk revolt" and become a partner at HSD-Capital. Alicia Coppola tells Break TV that Marissa would rather make no money and have her integrity, than make lots of money and be immoral. Marissa's mom has Alzheimer's, and her Dad is a Boxer-turned-Boxing trainer. She puts much effort into helping her parents, financially and otherwise. However, just like Marissa, her dad is proud. This is some of the angst that we feel from her character. Marissa is working hard to fit into a world that she is not sure she belongs in.

Malik Yoba as Corey GranvilleCorey Granville (Malik Yoba)

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Ian Kahn as Marty DeckerMarty Decker (Ian Kahn)

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Christopher Wiehl as Carson BoydCarson Boyd (Christopher Wiehl)

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Stanley Tucci as Hunter LaskyHunter Lasky (Stanley Tucci)

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