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Season 1

1. In the Course of Human Events

Guest stars: Tom McGowan (Reporter), J.P. Manoux (Unknown), Roger Fan (Woo), Larry Miller (C.J. Cox), Dennis Boutsikaris (Hal Bridgewater), Jon Patrick Walker (Royce), Elizabeth Anne Allen (Pam Boyd), Tom McGowan (Johnny Walker), Floyd Levine (Leon Liverbaum)

Robert "Ditto" Roberts III conspires with four of the firm's top associates Marty Decker, Corey Granville, Alison Jeffers, and Marissa Rufo to make a break from Merriweather Marx & Co., one of Wall Street's most venerable and successful firms. Only one thing stands in their way: the tough-as-nails titan of Merriweather Marx, Robert "the Kaiser" Roberts, who also happens to be Ditto's grandfather. Ditto's business plan seems solid, but when news of their rebellion leaks to the press, it turns their six-month scheme into an overnight scramble that leaves Wall Street reeling.

b: 15-Aug-2000, Writer: Michael S. Chernuchin, Director: Stephen Surjik

2. One Night in Bangkok

Guest stars: Larry Miller (C.J. Cox), Peter Jacobson (Josh Kaplan), Rick Peters (Walt Wesley), Justin Louis (John O'Leary), Troy Evans (Sam Rossi), Samantha Smith (Jennifer), Tembi Locke (Sara), Elizabeth Anne Allen (Pam Boyd), Jon Patrick Walker (Royce), Nina Foch (Madeline)

"Ditto's" newly formed investment firm, HSD Capital, struggles to stay alive as his grandfather, "the Kaiser, "files a law suit against them. Former rival, Hunter Lasky joins HSD, but Alison Jeffers has reason to distrust his motives. Just as things seem to be turning around for the firm, "the Kaiser" finds a way to keep one step ahead of "Ditto's" firm.

b: 22-Aug-2000, Writer: Michael S. Chernuchin, Director: Thomas J. Wright

3. How Green Is Your Mail?

Guest star: Bruce Weitz (Edward Rufo)

"Rookie" Carson Boyd learns a valuable lesson about "green mail" from money-hungry Hunter Lasky. Lasky nets a windfall, but at what price? Meanwhile, tensions rise at HSD when Alison Jeffers tries to close a major deal and discovers that "the Kaiser" has his own deal in the works that could spell disaster for the "Young Turks."

b: 29-Aug-2000, Writer: Michael S. Chernuchin, Director: Elodie Keene

4. In The Black

Guest star: Sabryn Genet (Unknown)

With the law suit pending and their assets frozen, "Ditto" and his company fight for their financial lives. As HSD prepares to do battle against "the Kaiser" for Wesley Industries, in desperation Ditto plays the "race card" and advises his friend, Corey Granville, to file a discrimination suit against Merriweather.

b: 05-Sep-2000, Writer: Doug Palau, Director: Allan Arkush

5. It's Not Personal

Guest star: Robert Catrini (Bruce)

Despite his initial reluctance, Granville sues Merriweather Marx for racial discrimination. Meanwhile, HSD orchestrates a leveraged buy-out of Wesley Industries that will counter "the Kaiser's" take-over strategy and save the firm. But when "Ditto" discovers the name of the venture capitalist behind "the Kaiser's" deal, there's more at stake than "just business."

b: 12-Sep-2000

6. Who's Afraid of Chairman Al

Guest stars: Bruce Weitz (Edward Rufo), Mike Starr (Mike Riley), Elizabeth Anne Allen (Pam Boyd), Andrea Roth (Jocelyn), Rene Santoni (Andy Mungaro), Nina Foch (Madeline), Kathy Baker (Virginia Blackstone)

Rumors that Greenspan will raise interest rates send Ditto and Corey Granville scrambling. But the firm faces bigger problems when Hunter Lasky secretly meets with the Kaiser who offers him $5 million to betray his friends.

b: 19-Sep-2000, Writer: Michael S. Chernuchin, Director: Steven Robman

7. Final Hour

Guest stars: Elizabeth Anne Allen (Pam Boyd), Rick Peters (Walt Wesley), Frederick Coffin (Wayne Wesley), Christine Tucci (Attorney Jessica Bell), Heath Dawn (Nora), Joe O'Connor (Denny), Rib Hillis (Jeff), Jim Jansen (Dr. Richard Midgal), Lillian Lehman (Linda P. Jones), Lindsay Frost (Carolyn Cox), Nina Foch (Madeline)

Ditto outsmarts his grandfather, the Kaiser, in the bidding war for Wesley Industries. But when tragedy strikes, what price will Ditto pay for his victory?

b: 26-Sep-2000, Writer: Janis Diamond, Director: Thomas J. Wright

8. Sins of the Father

Guest stars: Ryan O'Neal (Bobby), Elizabeth Anne Allen (Pam Boyd), Ron Fassler (Gary Fletcher), Miriam Flynn (Sally), Heather Dawn (Nora), Diane Farr (Beverly Bergen), Jim Rash (David), Sean Moran (Mel), Nikita Ager (Katie), Nina Foch (Madeline)

With the Kaiser recovering from a debilitating stroke brought on by HSD's victory in the Wesley deal Ditto is reunited with his black-sheep father, Bobby. Will Ditto's guilt get the best of him when Bobby reveals the real reason for his visit?

b: 03-Oct-2000, Writer: Timothy J. Lea, Director: Keith Samples

9. The Quick Hit

Marissa convinces friends from "the old neighborhood" to take their dotcom public, but is she gambling with their lives? Meanwhile, will Corey Granville drop his discrimination suit against Merriweather Marx to save HSD from further litigation?

b: 10-Oct-2000, Writer: Janis Diamond, Director: Vern Gillum

10. Monday, Bloody Monday

When Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's plane crashes in Alaska, Wall Street is sent into a tailspin. With their $17 million margin called in, HSD desperately accepts a loan offer from investor Gardner Blackstone. Now they must raise $20 million by the end of business or forfeit their company to Blackstone's control.

b: 17-Oct-2000

11. A Wink and a Nod

With time running out on HSD's internet IPO, and Corey's law suit against Merriweather Marx hanging in the balance, the day of reckoning is at hand. As Ditto makes his peace with "the Kaiser," his father, Bobby, makes a shocking decision.

b: 24-Oct-2000

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